ASMR, Procrastination, water, water drops, reflection, relaxation

ASMR for Procrastination

Relaxing video for procrastinators. ASMRtist Olivia Kissper uses water sounds and face brushing to help relax you and discusses procrastination and how she believes we can overcome the habit.


“The antidote to worrying and doubting yourself is ACTION! Focusing on the next doable step. In this relaxing ASMR Sleep inspiration, expect soothing face brushing wit a wet brush, water sounds and background river and nature sounds. All to put you in the mood for getting you ready to become more self-expressed in your life!In this ASMR role play, we will combat procrastination. Procrastination is not random, it comes from your past experience or failing and being hurt. It was personal, vulnerable and somehow shattered your dreams – big or small. It often comes with shame or feeling not good enough. We bury that pain inside and it comes up as procrastination when we try to do something similar again. So whenever you experience putting off things that are important for you for later, you’re reliving the past, can’t be in the present moment and are disconnected from your desires, purpose. In other words, it stops you from shining who you really are, experiencing fulfillment, joy and feeling fully alive. However, we need your contributions, your art, your true sharing! So in the upcoming ceremony, you will understand what is stopping you from creating and expressing yourself so you can spread your wings and fly!” Olivia Kissper


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