Month: September 2017

Death Reversed: Card of the Day Sunday September 10th

    Faeries’ Oracle Card of the Day #53 Death in Reverse Death speaks of natural and timely endings, release and liberation. She indicates significant change and marks a stage of the cycle of rebirth. When we look for certainty and instead we find open doors to those unknown, darkened spaces, that is the essence

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The Seer: Card of the Day for Saturday September 9th

Wildwood Tarot #2 The Seer On the Wheel of the Year the Seer governs the time of vessels, between Lammas and Samhain.  The midway point is at the Autumn Equinox on Septemeber 21st. Her element is water. She speaks of reflections and emotion and the inner world. This time is ideal for inner work as

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V&E Zarathustra Series: Gifts or Love for Humankind

Cause and Effect in human relations, love for others, for mankind in general, Zarathustra demonstrates in a few sentences how the act of gift-gifting illuminates human relationships.

Exciting News!

Our exciting news is that V&E Guidance has launched a quick and easy way for you to get your Tarot or Oracle card readings. All you have to do is follow links, choose your reading, let me know if you have any specific questions, and you will get your full detailed reading in your inbox! Choose from 4 reading options: Comprehensive or 3-Card Faeries’ Oracle and the Ultimate Wildwood Tarot or 3-Card Tarot Readings. E-mail readings are a great way to receive guidance because then you can always return to what was communicated. This is especially useful with the Faeries’ readings because the guidance they give and the messages they share can sometimes last for months! I have provided more information on the difference between a Faeries’ reading and the Wildwood to help you decide but if you have anymore questions don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail and I will help you pick one that is right for you!

V&E Poetic Therapy: Cradle Song

A short reflection based on the reading of the poem Cradle Song written by Alfred Lord Tennyson:
why, in our youth are we so eager to leave our mothers, to leave the nest, to grow? With exceptions, most of the dangers in life are beyond the safety of our homes and yet we seem to have this drive to run toward them as fast as we can. Then as adults it seems reverse our drives and we become afraid of the change that the world brings. Sometimes we are so afraid to leave the nest, we are caught by it, trapped there and stagnant. What is the happy middle ground? Do you know your nest? Are you able to leave?