V& E Philosophy of Mind

Vehemence and Emergence Philosophy of the Mind

Our minds need exercise just like our bodies. The mind is more elusive than the body and in that way, it is easier to overlook our mental fitness.  Harmony between the mind and the body is essential to our overall well-being. Our mind is strengthened by having a healthy relationship with our physical selves, our spiritual selves, and when we exercise it through learning and seeking.

Psychology & Parapsychology



Examining the way we think and behave from the perspective of psychology and psychoanalysis; exploring psychological theories and strategies for cultivating mental well-being.


Parapsychology studies inexplicable mental phenomena such as ASMR, hypnosis, telepathy, extrasensory perception, psychokinesis, ghosts, etc. Scientific psychology rejects these phenomena because they lack solid scientific foundations.


ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is our body’s response, often in the form of tingles on the scalp,  to sensory-induced relaxation and close personal attention.


Language & Communication



An exploration of the ways in which we use language to communicate. Looking at the verbal, non-verbal, and text-based languages, and theories of language to understand how language forms the way we view the world.


Language is at the heart of the V&E project. Language separates knowledge into categories: the doctor, the librarian, the engineer, the artist, the mathematician, the priest, the politician, and so- on, all English speaking, believe they are speaking the same language but are unable to understand one another Categorical language is alienating, but through language, we can re harmonize all-knowledge and demonstrate that each has valuable things to contribute to the other.    While language takes a broader view of the issue of communication, here we will analyze communication more specifically exploring the particular methods of self-expression and conflicts based on miscommunication.


Writing is a dominant form of communication now. Examining the written language in all of its various forms and manifestations, helps us to understand the specific ways we self- express and create meaning through text.


Where did that word come from? and why is it here? and what does it mean?  Etymology answers all of these questions, and more. The history of a word can unlock hidden meanings and renew associations between ideas and concepts that have been lost over time.

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