V&E Animal Omens

Animal Omen. Animal Spirit. Animal Totem. Power Animal. Animal Messengers. Guidance from the Animals. Whether they have appeared in your waking life, in visions, or in dreams as guides, signs, or emblems, there are messages here for you. 

Arise! Calling in the spirit of the Animals, as well as your guides, my guides, any energies or entities, deities, ancestors, and teachers who wish to be present and communicate with us today. We call upon the wisdom of the directions North, East, South & West and of the Elements Fire, Earth, Air & Water to help us to reinforce and integrate these messages for the betterment of ourselves and the collective.

It is important we recognize that ALL indigenous cultures throughout human history had a connection & relationship with the natural world. Deriving meaning from our interactions with animals & birds is not exclusive to any person, place or thing. Each culture, based on environmental factors such as climate, ecosystem, and biodiversity, may have differing beliefs surrounding the significance of certain creatures. Within these unique systems of meaning, our ancestors would develop superstitions, stories, and meaning or significance based on a history of shared and collective experience. Our experiences are also valid and we have the opportunity now to make the old teachings & traditions richer by blending and sharing our wisdom. 


Animals exist both here and in the Otherworld, and because they are able to exist in both realities at once they make excellent messengers for us. We have access to the Otherworld as well but we do not live by its laws of times and space, except when we are in visions & dreams. 

An animal omen is distinguished as a break from the usual pattern and rhythm of things; without this disruption we are simply seeing or perceiving an animal without any additional significance or meaning.   When an animal draws your awareness to it, it is trying to draw your awareness to something in your life you could not see before, either because it was concealed or ignored.  

We can interpret animal omens by first noticing their qualities, habits, appearance, personality, behaviours, & relationships. We might consider where they live, how they busy & feed themselves, what preferences do they have in their environment. 

Consider researching the mythology, folklore & superstitions of the animals native land. If they are indigenous to the region there will likely be a strong history of beliefs to discover. Next, you may want to research the animal from the perspective of your ancestors traditions. IT may not be possible to do this if your ancestors come from a place where the animal does not exist but that in itself directs your attention away from the omen being personal & recognizing that it has some significance to your relationship with land and place. 

Animal Spirit 

When we encounter an animal and suddenly feel or understand something new or different, not from observing their behaviors, appearance, or qualities, but from their presence alone, we are connecting with the animal spirit. Animal spirits can shift our realities. Sometimes we may begin to feel sensations in the body or a growing sensory awareness that was no there before. When this occurs it is the animal spirit guiding us into liminal spaces. 

Objects, places, people, and concepts can be imbued with the spirit of an animal. IT is the energetic imprint or quality that an animal carries that distinguishes it from others. The form of the animal is merely the expression of its spirit. 

Animal Totem 

A totem is a spiritual representation of the collective energy of a family, clan, tribe or nation. Many cultures across the globe have systems of meaning and significance surrounding our animal friends. The totem animal will represent a feeling of unity & shared visions within the group. In some cases, the animal may represent the skills, crafts, or extrasensory abilities of the members of the group.  Difference cultures will understand these emblems mean as archetypes within people based on a history of shared experience. 

Power Animal

A power animal is an animal guide or familiar from whom we draw strength and call on for protection. The energy of the animal, often a natural predator, is sometimes experienced as something that moves around the edges of our ordinary sensory experience.  

With practice, in journey work, some people are able to shift into an animal. Shape-shifting experiences teach us bodily lessons we would not otherwise have access to. ie. Stability from walking on four legs. Shifting occurs between our spirit and the animal spirit. Shifting into the form of our power animal can deepen our connection with them. Not all shape-shifting has to be done with our power animals. We can practice shape-shifting with other animals and draw strength from those experiences. 


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Animal Message Interpretations

There are many ways to decipher an animal message. The first and best way is to allow the truth to present itself to you. If the truth is veiled or vague you may want to try researching pre-existing theories and beliefs.

Journal your experience and see what details you remember as you allow yourself to write automatically and without thinking. You may want to write “Animal, what are you trying to tell me?” and allow your pen to answer the question. Take whatever comes as true for you in that moment. 

Practice a guided meditation or shamanic drum-journey to meet the spirit of the animal and simply ask them what they were trying to tell you. 

Additionally, you may want to pull tarot cards, cast runes, tea leaves, charms, or some other form divination to clarify the meaning. If none of these tools are part of your life or practice you can have someone else ask for you. On my YouTube channel I have a growing list of animal messenger tarot readings that may help you.