Feast of the First of November

Meet your loved ones at a banquet for the new year!

Spirits of family future & past, Ancestors, Guardians, Friends, Energies & Entities alike arrive at the feasting table to share in celebration & welcome our arrival with song & dance.

Feast of the First of November Restorative Yoga, Guided Meditation & Energy Work Nov 1st 8-9:30pm EST

Samhain marks the mid-point of the sun’s descent & the season’s shift toward sleep. We prepare for this slumber by surrounding ourselves with the characters of the magical world of our imaginations. 

Do you hear them calling? Who will greet you there?

When nature slips into the realm of Death we are confronted by our inner world, it begins to fill the spaces, the quiet, with the sounds of our thoughts & closest relationships. On a winter’s day, we may meet ourselves more easily because the leaves are not rustling, the animals are still & the cold darkness asks us to stay home & stay warm. 

At the Feast of the First of November, you will cross the threshold. Leave the year & a day that has passed & join your Ancestors, Guides, & Guardians to rest & celebrate until we are once again called to Awaken at Beltane (May 1st) Contracts you made at this time last year are being called up for renewal and you can ask this beautiful gathering for guidance or strength, whatever you need to brace the coming change. 

Discover a deeply relaxing sequence of supportive & restorative yoga postures with cues for guided energy work to move, shift, transmute & transform any problematic energies & prepare you for meditation.

November 1st, 8-9:30pm EST on Zoom. The event will be recorded.

$20 CAD or by donation includes access to the live event & a permanent link to event recording.

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