V&E Philosophy of Spirit

A well mind & body makes for a well- spirit. Spirit is the self that recognizes our deepest desires and our truest passions. When we feel disconnected from our lives it is because we have lost touch with our spirit-selves. Spirit knows your potential and wants to share its knowledge with you.

I knew I was experiencing a kind of transformation: a simultaneous coming together and falling apart of the habits and thoughts that were familiar elements in my life. Then, Stephen Cope’s The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seekers Guide to Extraordinary Living introduced me to a word–Samvega, at last, I had a word for what I was feeling! I am an English student so I like to have words for things! 

What is Samvega?

Samvega is at it simplest the desire for liberation of the self.  Some describe samvega as a kind of death and rebirth wherein a person experiences a positive radical transformation of perception; in rebuilding their thought patterns and habits they can sometimes become unrecognizable to themselves.

“The oppressive sense of shock, dismay, and alienation that come with realizing the futility and meaninglessness of life as it’s normally lived; a chastening sense of our own complacency and foolishness in having let ourselves live so blindly; and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle.”–Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Ultimately, Vehemence is the passion that drives our transformation spiritually. The power that is invigorated and engaged in the pursuit of higher contentment through freedom, love, and creativity. This gentle triad represents the ultimate and fundamental longings within all of us.