i will never stop loving the shape of your head

Or the way you move through space.

Or the way the subtle reaches you

loud and unbearable

i love you with a fascination unending

it hurts to burn without you

it hurts to feel you always leaving

but i love your freedom

I dream of you like an old pair of pants

fitting to me

you flatter my loneliness


i will never stop loving your hands, I recognize them

Whether you recognize me or not

do you see the bird now that I have stopped screaming about it? It’s right fucking there on the branch! and hasn’t it been obvious since the beginning?


i come on too strong over-complimenting

sometimes–aloof to keep the unrequited love from drowning you

When asked, who do you trust? Your name quick to my tongue

you, always you

chained in this room I draw the beautiful pictures

Make meanings,

i want your heart to kiss mine

you tar over them with bitters and barbs

you leave, I scream at the star shadows for a love who will not

but months and months

your head still holds ears in the perfect spot and your bottom lip still curls the way I want and there is no other who can take the rope from my neck, eat it, and make it to work the next day as if nothing has happened


cavernous spirit, you are my phantom arm, I lift the world without you because I must

i hope you’re eating the ropes from your ankles

I hope you’re losing the arrogance, finding the confidence, and taking what is rightfully yours


Do you see yourself here?

grasp, disappear, grasp, disappear, grasp and on and on and then some

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