V&E Bird Omens

Bird Omen. Bird Spirit. Bird Totem. Guidance from the Birds. Whether they have appeared in your waking life, in visions, or in dreams as guides, signs, or emblems, there are messages here for you. 

Arise! Calling in the spirit of the Birds, as well as your guides, my guides, any energies or entities, deities, ancestors, and teachers who wish to be present and communicate with us today. We call upon the wisdom of the directions North, East, South & West and of the Elements Fire, Earth, Air & Water to help us to reinforce and integrate these messages for the betterment of ourselves and the collective.

It is important we recognize that ALL indigenous cultures throughout human history had a connection & relationship with the natural world. Deriving meaning from animals & birds is not exclusive to any person, place or thing. Each culture, based on environmental factors such as climate, ecosystem, and biodiversity, may have differing beliefs surrounding the significance of certain creatures. Within these systems of meaning, our ancestors would develop superstitions, stories, and meaning or significance based on repeated experience. 


Birds are messengers of spirit from the Otherworld. We can decipher their messages by observing their patterns, personalities, behviours, and appearance. Strong omens are often communicated by major shifts in these patterns because the difference is what alerts us to their presence. Notice the birds relationship to their environment, each other, and any other aspects of the natural world.

The two main questions to ask yourself when trying to decipher an omen are: What was the bird doing? What was I doing/thinking when the bird appeared? Notice if the bird has an distinguishing qualities. It is important to trust yourself so if you think that a bird is trying to tell you that you are heading in the right direction, listen. 

When researching the significance of a particular bird, consider first consulting the traditional or indigenous teachings of the land. If the bird is itself indigenous to the land there will likely be a history or stories, myths & meaning to its presence. Next you might look to find the bird species in the traditional wisdom of your ancestors, uncovering what messages they may carry forth from your personal familial history. 

Sometimes omens are simply a reminder to return to the mysteries of the world and spirituality. If we are too entangled in our thoughts or stuck on some concrete details, the bird may be a message to shift your perspective. 

Bird Spirit 

The appearance of a bird spirit in your visions or dreams can have a plethora of meanings. In our journey work or lucid visions & dreams, for instance, we may be able to communicate with these spirits and have them speak to us in our own language. Even more, an object, person or place can be imbued with the spirit of an animal.

Bird Totem

A totem is a spiritual representation of the collective energy of a family, clan, tribe or nation. Many cultures across the globe have systems of meaning and significance surrounding our winged friends. The totem bird will represent a feeling of unity & shared visions within the group. In some cases, the bird may represent the skills, crafts, or extrasensory abilities of the members of the group.  

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