V&E Animal Omens: The Hawk

The hawk represents spiritual enlightenment, focused observation, and changing perspectives.

A messenger of divine spirit or higher consciousness, if the hawk crosses your path you are about to receive a meaningful message that will help to illuminate something that you once believed to be mundane or ordinary.

Hawk invites you to take a zoomed out perspective, warning you that you may be too close to see the truth.


A Hawk may also signify that the time for you to take action is on the horizon and that action will be the result of looking at something that has become stale or outdated with new eyes and clearer vision.

The hawk is an excellent omen for career matters and is asking you to pay attention to your intuition and inner guidance when it comes to leadership or advancement opportunities. But you will need to change your perspective in order to ensure this advancement.


Think of the hawk’s flight as a metaphor for your perspective and distance yourself from a situation so you can see the bigger picture. Once you are at a distance, pay attention to what catches your attention. Seeing the situation in it’s greater context will ultimately enable you to have a well-rounded idea. Observe patterns, not details, because the details come once you have determined WHAT you will focus on.

Once you have done this you are ready to focus and go in for the attack having knowledge of the greater forces at work.


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One thought on “V&E Animal Omens: The Hawk

  1. I am walking a spiritual warrior path. I went to a river where I duo Qi Gong, and there was a dead hawk floating at the bottom of the stairs. Renewal? Life as we know it coming to an end?


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