The Green Woman: Wildness, Natural Magic, Expectant Gratitude, and Untrammelled Creativity

Brian Froud’s Faeries

The Faeries’ Oracle is my favourite collection of oracle cards. The artwork is by Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth writes the accompanying book. The combination of art and text are truly inspirational. The Faeries deliver their messages in riddles, poems, or codes, and are sometimes unintelligible, leaving clues after readings so that we will later make their meaning understood.

MacBeth begins the book with an exercise to help open you up to having a relationship with the cards. In the exercise, you are drawn to a Faerie that is decidedly you, as your higher self or as you wish to be, and a Faerie that represents your challenges or what you fear most. I think of the two as your light being and your shadow being.

My light or my Faerie guide is…

The Green Woman card by Brian Froud from the Faeries’ Oracle

The Green Woman

“She doesn’t care what you think of her; she knows her own worth from her experience of life.”

Number 23, the Green Woman is the most beautiful sort of ugly I have ever seen. She is a contradiction both in the way she appears and the way she expresses herself.

She is not cute, she is striking. Her intensity and seriousness, combined with the playfulness of her gestures are mesmerizing to me. Every time I think of this card I  feel grateful to have found her.

“She is the feminine vital vegetative force that enables a root to crack stone, the reed to bend in the wind, and the oak to stand against the storm.”

My first impressions were that she is protective as well as dangerous and that she is tremendously powerful. She hears the natural rhythm of the earth and dances to its heartbeat. She is both ancient and timeless. Her age is shown only in her connection to the earth. She is neither lit nor does she have any true darkness, just as the earth is ancient but can renew itself to freshness.  There is a pattern to her asymmetry and a kind of logic-less reason, an ambiguous theory of cause and effect.

In the book, she is one of the Sidhe, the elder race of the Faeries. 

The Green Woman by Brian Froud


She represents “Wildness, Natural Magic, Expectant Gratitude, and Untrammeled Creativity” and I want to share her messages because I believe they are valuable to everyone.


is our connection to our primal selves and the earth. Wildness also teaches us to embrace risk and chaos to expand on the possibilities of our lives. Through risk, we can discover the more miraculous and sublime aspects of life.

Natural Magic

is the science of the environment, the way the earth creates and destroys, growth and rot, the cycle of all living things.  Our own natural magic is the innate magic of our natural selves. When we embrace this magic we are accepting ourselves as a part of the greater organisms and attuning ourselves with all life. Innate magic nurtures inner growth and The Green Woman is especially connected to our cultivation of patience, perseverance, and self-confidence.

Expectant Gratitude

is the gratitude that comes from the knowledge that when we plant our seeds and if we attend to them, they will grow and give us what we need. This is not expectant in the sense that we can simply throw something out into the universe, and without attending to it, yield the results we desire. Rather, it is the expectation that through our choices, our dedication and attention to our growth,  and our perseverance and patience, we may not necessarily get what we wanted, but will make the best of what comes to us. 

Untrammeled Creativity

is the inevitability of creation. Whether we tend to some aspect of ourselves or not, something will grow, but that isn’t an assurance that it won’t be something we don’t want. Unattended thoughts, behaviours, or actions are like gardens, when left unattended they grow weeds. She reminds us that we cannot stop or control the creative force, we choose whether or not we want to participate in it. 

“In its destructive mode, the energy of growth goes wild. Cancers, both physical and emotional, may result.”

Finally, the Green Woman warns us that when growth is stunted, or when we leave these aspects of ourselves unattended, the growth will lead us down paths that are either not meant for us or are blocked.




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