V&E Philosophy of Body

Our bodies are the most present and seemingly controllable of all of the aspects of our beings. The effort we put into our bodies is proven in results; in that way could say that the body is economical. The currency we use to buy ourselves fit bodies, for instance, is a combination of healthy eating, exercise, and sleep.

The difficulty with body economics is that we can become greedy or impatient.

Greed is exhibited in those who put too much emphasis on their bodies and image and in doing so, neglect other aspects of their being–mind and spirit.

Impatience is image driven and it is also a side-effect of time economy (which is a fancy way of saying: we have busy lives!)  Impatience wants immediacy; it wants to get something now without investing any real time or effort.

Yoga is a great way to learn to give over the controlling impulses of body economics and to allow yourself the time and space to understand and ultimately transform your body.

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