V&E Animal Omens: Crow

18513832_130511544166950_1669460200341372928_nCrow Omen

She sees time simultaneously and merges light with dark, consciousness and unconscious, inner and outer worlds.

Seeing a single Crow can either signify that bad luck is headed your way or that big changes are coming.

The crow tells us to look for magic and to look to the creative force and to do as she does and harmonize the contradictions within us.

If bad luck is headed your way try to discover the good hidden in the bad to bring yourself into a place of greater understanding.


Crows in Celtic Mythology

In Celtic Myth and Folklore, the Crow was traditionally associated with goddesses. A crow’s call was thought to foreshadow imminent war or the death of prominent people much like the Scottish bean-sidhe or Banshee.

In Irish mythology, the war goddess Badb name means ‘Crow’ and she would take the bodily form of a crow when flying over the carnage on battlefields. Whichever side was out of Badb’s favour would be stricken with fear, panic, and confusion on the battlefield, disabling the soldiers, ensuring the favoured side would see victory.

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