V&E Animal Omens: Wild Turkey

Time of Year

The wild turkey is often associated with autumn and when it crosses your path in the fall it may represent an ending. The turkey omen in autumn calls to mind sacrifice and the harvest.

Alternately when a turkey crosses your path in the spring it is a sign of beginnings. Great gifts are on their way! 

Regardless of the time of year, Turkey’s represent abundance. 

Male versus Female

If a male turkey crosses your path you are surely receiving a message about masculine pride and virility. Virility could mean that you will interject on some activity that brings about abundance such as being added to a project to ensure its success.

The male turkey calls out for a mate, his displays of bounty are outward like many other birds. He relies on his ability to attract and impress to yield the good fortune.

The male turkey would have you project your ideas and your truth, to keep developing your unique call. Have courage in the face of uncertainty and trust your natural abilities are all you need to bring abundance into your life.

wild turkey
Photo by ASHISH SHARMA on Pexels.com

Pay special attention to the way he displays himself to you and be sure note the intuitive connections you draw or the stories that come to mind.

If a female turkey greets you on your path it is likely a sign of fertility, of planting seeds.

The female is called to, is impressed upon and to decide on her mate based on his outward demonstrations. While he calls, she listens. It is her acceptance that sets the abundance in motion. In other words, the female is asking you to use what you already have to accept and facilitate growth.

Decide what seeds need to be planted for harvest later on… what is it you are growing?


Finally, it is important to find the messages that are specific to you. Knowing generally that the turkey represents ABUNDANCE, FERTILITY, VIRILITY, ENDINGS & BEGINNINGS, you may start to see the picture come into focus.

Perhaps you discover something in the bird before you that reminds you of someone or something! Perhaps you already know what it means but are looking for someone else to reassure you that your intuition is right. Whatever the case may be, I wish you all the best!

Always, E


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