V&E Animal Omens: Robin

The robin is a sign of happiness, joy, hopefulness, simplicity.

In the spring, we encounter Robins on a regular basis and their presence becomes commonplace. With animals and birds we see on a regular basis their significance is usually more pronounced when we see them in dreams or visions. However, there are some exceptions. If the Robin seems to be making direct contact with you, it might be time to pay attention. Robins have been known to lead us to magical places. If a robin asks you to follow it, it is likely you are going to discover something about your environment, some hidden joy or wonder, that was always there but that you were not yet ready to see.


Robin leads you down the garden path, not to deceive you, but to open your eyes to opportunities, possibilities, and gifts you could not see before. Guidance from robin often challenges us to recognize that the tools, skills, thoughts or beliefs that we need in a situation are already within us and we may just be making things too complicated or looking outside of ourselves too much for answers.

See in the silent morning, everything is much simpler than it seems.

Robin can also be helpful with clearing our minds. When we feel foggy or confused, robin promises that if we are able to reduce the issue to it’s simplest form we will see our way through to a bright future.

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