Animal Omens: Skunk

Yes, the Skunk. Late at night after doing some intense shadow work I went outside and as I was standing there a skunk emerged from the shadows only a few feet from where I was standing. We both had that moment… that, holy shit! moment.

The Skunk

Confidence, Introspection, Respect, Humble Power

The Skunk is a small humble animal but extremely powerful. The key to understanding its power and confidence is in its non-aggressive defense mechanism, its spray.

The spray is pungent enough to attack all 5 senses. It smells, and tastes horrible and can even temporarily blind anything that comes too close; and it lingers, reminding the attacker that they should have stayed away!

Artist: Tamara Phillips at Deep Coloured Water on Etsy

The Skunks message is for those who have perhaps been a bit too humble or pacifist and are suffering from a lack of confidence or self-respect. The skunk wants you to ask yourself: Am I being a push-over? Am I compromising too much of myself? Why am I afraid to defend myself? 

Whatever the answer, the skunk is telling you that you are now in a situation where you must look inside yourself to discover your natural strength. Being humble doesn’t mean that you can be easily harmed, just as niceness shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness.

Nothing wants to mess with the skunk once they discover what they are capable of. If you are finding yourself in situations where you are constantly being threatened, think of the skunk, and figure out what you are not expressing that is making you a target.  Discover your humble power and don’t be afraid of your spray!

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3 thoughts on “Animal Omens: Skunk

  1. One time I was out in the yard after dark, taking down the birdfeeders, and I caught my pant leg on a bush. I reach down to unhook my pants and It’s a SKUNK…tugging on my pant leg and looking up at me. I’m well used to wildlife, having done wildlife rehab, but, I have to admit, I was so startled by the friendliness of the skunk I managed to jump in the air and backwards at the same time…I didn’t even know I could move that fast, anymore. LOL


    1. Oh my gosh! I would have had a hard time not screaming just from the surprise alone! I love that the skunk taught you something about your capabilities lol
      Skunks seem to be pretty friendly in general, it’s just the spray!
      Animals seem to have a good sense for people and their intentions so it must’ve known you were not a danger.
      I started writing about this because I have very little experience with animals and never notice them and just recently I have been having these experiences where the sight or crossing paths with them seems unavoidable. Still… I hope nothing touches me hahah
      Thank you for sharing your story!

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      1. Yeah the poor skunk actually did look sort of bewildered…like “what did I do”? LOL We’ve got plenty of night visitors here, and even some daytime ones, so New Mexico (and Florida, as well, my home state) is a good place to get more acquainted with critters.. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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