Welcome to VehemenceandEmergence!

A space dedicated to yoga and personal wellness.

Discovering oneself can be a long and challenging journey and my intention is to share my own discoveries with you in hopes that I might help to guide others on a similar path and ultimately to understand these discoveries better myself.

I am new to Yoga wisdom and teachings. I have practiced yoga for over 10 years in various forms but this is my first serious attempt to understand its beginnings and explore its essence. I believe we teach best what we most need to learn.  I invite you to join me in this learning and share this emergence with me!

My personal interest has always been in Celtic Wisdom and you may find a bit of that creeps into these pages as well, my love for poetry, philosophy (especially Nietzsche!), and ancient mythologies and wisdom traditions from around the world.

I believe transformation is an effort of balancing the wellness of our body, mind, and spirit. Healing happens when we are able to listen to all three and treat every aspect of ourselves with love and kindness.

What are Vehemence and Emergence?

Vehemence is a display of strong feeling or passion and thus it is the power word for our actions associated with achieving the wellness of Body Mind and Spirit

Emergence is the act of becoming known or coming into view and it represents our journey into and through self- love and self-care.

What are my intentions for this page?


I share my personal yoga journal from the beginning and links to the videos I use for my daily practice. This is a real account of what it means to me to commit to a daily yoga practice and a way of following how the rest of my wellness quest unfolds and culminates in my plans to travel to Guatemala next summer where I will enter into the next phase of my journey: Yoga Teacher Training.


Yoga is central to my exploration of the wellness of the body and my aim is to learn and share with you, what I think will be helpful to creating a well-rounded yoga practice. If that’s all you’re here for you will find plenty to help you.


Our minds and bodies are inextricably linked and therefore when the body undergoes a transformation the mind will follow (whether you like it or not) I will explore the various ways in which our emotions and our thinking are shaped and changed in yoga practice; This will be a place to share books and other resources that help to grow our mental awareness and wellness.


Reflections on wellness as it relates to freedom, love, and creativity. Sharing of wisdom traditions from the Yoga Sutra as I discover them and the sharing of insights on spirituality, transcendent experience and the various ways in which myself and others have encountered what some call, the Divine.

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