One thought on “Avoiding Clarity?

  1. You are living in your ego. You are identifying yourself with your pain. That’s not the true you. If you love int he moment, truly, you look around the room… you see the sun pouring in the windows, you enjoy the taste of your coffee and the heat on your face, you hear your daughter playing and talking to herself in her bedroom. You are happy, there is no way you won’t be happy! Life is precious and wonderful. If you live in your ego mind you think about the past, insecurities, worries, doubts, etc. You sit in the same spot and feel like crap. Right?? Live in the moment all the time. Even if you can’t get to your yoga routine, living in the moment will achieve similar clarity. At first you just have to be aware and redirect when you notice you’re going back to your ego mind. As for attracting partners who aren’t worthy… you have identified yourself with this type of person, and that is what the universe is providing. Mindfulness is the key. Set your most basic intentions for happiness and post them on your mirror to be sure you don’t lose track and let your mind wander back to your negative perceptions of what you deserve. Then just trust. Fill your heart with happiness for the moment you’re in and stay there. That’s all you need to do. Don’t be afraid. It’s the ego not wanting you to squash its power. Let go.


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