V&E Words: Vehemence

Vehemence is a display of strong feeling or passion and thus it is the power word for our actions associated with achieving the renewal of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

“When you choose with discernment, integrity, and passion, you submit yourself to the slow unglamourous miracle of change.”

John O’Donohue Eternal Echoes

Vehemence is a word that is best defined by its synonyms meaning, the definition itself is open to the creation of new significance and meanings.

Everyone’s vehemence is waiting for them to make it their own! 

The dictionary definitions equate vehemence to a great or excessive ardor or force, impetuosity, eagerness, or fervor of personal feeling or physical action; passionate force, violence, or excitement.


Fire is the element of spontaneity, inspiration, intuition, impulse, and action.

Ardour, a synonym for vehemence,  is defined by a fierce fire or a burning as in passion, violence, and excitement.

Force is a physical drive, a momentum, and the action or motion of the passions.

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