Oak Passage Full Moon Lunar Yoga & Guided Meditation in London Ontario

The full moon represents a balance of solar and lunar energy: the moon reflects the sun bringing day to night. A full moon ceremony is your opportunity to align the dark and light within you.
We use the oak as a gateway, a place of passage between our world and the Otherworld. We dedicate our work to aligning ourselves in prepararion for the responsibilities of success and material gain. We have come to accept that we DESERVE abundance and now we must align our intention for what we will DO with abundance.
Our lunar yoga practice this month is inspired by the Oak lessons of strength and endurance.

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We are trying a new venue for our London people this time! The Hive London is a beautiful place with a very special energy and we think this will only enhance the Full Moon practice. Click on the image below to visit their website.


Now for the main event…

On the Celtic Tree Calendar the upcoming full moon falls in an Oak month (June 10th to July 7th) . The Celts call this full moon the ‘moon of Horses’ a very important moon as the horse is a sacred animal. I will be writing more on this subject in the coming week…

We take our inspiration from the Oak, the Guardian of the gate, for both the movements and mediation.


Saturday June 23rd at 8pm until 10pm

Tickets are only $35

We will be holding space for you in the Garage at The Hive London which is located at 1352 Wharncliffe Road South, London, Ontario.

We limit our numbers so we can all have the best experience possible.

You can also contact us on IG @svensisters or @vehemenceandemergence

All payments are done securely via PayPal.

What is Lunar Yoga?

We will take you through approximately an hour of lunar yoga, a sequence designed to raise energy and deepen your inward connection in preparation for meditation. The movements are borrowed from yoga but have a distinctivly personal feel to them.

In the full moon we celebrate both the solar and lunar energies and our practice will reflect that.

This practice is suitable for all levels. Please wear comfortable clothing, nothing too baggy, bring water and your own mat if you have one (if not that is okay)!

We hope to see you there!


Mar30 Relief & Retreat Full Payment

Full payment for V&E Yoga Costa Rican Relief and Retreat on March 30th to April 6th Includes: Accomodations, meals, morning and evening yoga classes and workshop activities.



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