V&E Tribe: The Natural Way – Today’s Epiphany

full moon, tribe, forest, wolf, red riding hood, mist, ceremony

A Spiritual Journey : Ashley's Truth


I just had this epiphany.

I was thinking about my baby Rosie and how she had learned how to sit and crawl so quickly compared to her fellow baby peers. But when she was only a month old, she didn’t have any inclination that she should even want to crawl, or sit, or what have you. She was content to eat and snuggle Mummy for the rest of her life. Had she never evolved from that place she would have continued to be content with that purpose in life. Yet when her capacity for learning had reached that point of evolvement the goal simply came to her out of thin air as her natural next step in growth. That is pretty amazing when you think of it.

I’ve always said how much she amazed me with her instant ability to nurse. Rooting for my milk, finding it, and eating from…

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