V&E Words: Emergence


Imagine yourself submerged and surrounded by a body of water. You have been under the water for so long that one more second might kill you. Now imagine breaking through the surface of the water, taking as much air into yourself as you can, you feel pain, relief, joy, and sadness all at once. The experience behind you is life in perpetual panic, fear, darkness with an overwhelming awareness of death; but when breaking the surface you have both the memory of the darkness with the possibility of life. The darkness teaches you the importance of your breath and oxygen, things you once took for granted, or didn’t know you needed. Breaking the surface of that water is your Emergence. The light represents a renewal and possibilities of life. Self- love becomes your breath and self-care, your oxygen.

Emergence the Observer


Emergence is the stillness of being. It is removing the ‘armour’ of busyness and distractedness, and simply sitting with and being aware of the truth of ourselves. It is a passive awareness only because if it were active then it would be another way to keep ourselves busy and distracted.

Emergence observes the Ego, we do not silence the ego, we listen to it.

The Emergence- self is the part of the self that observes our thoughts, behaviors, and motivations, and takes note, without trying to control the meaning or significance of what we notice. At the same time, emergence is a breakthrough, a coming to knowledge.

Emergence is the cultivation of a inner silent observer and an attunement with our intuitive and instinctive selves.

The Meaning of Emergence

Emergence is the Moon Goddess to Vehemence’s Sun God; both are active in their ways but one rules our inner self and the other external. When Emergence breaks the surface and is ruled by Vehemence, it has it’s own activity, keeping our internal worlds balanced and nurturing our growth.

vehemence, passion, action, fire, light, words, power  zarathurstra, observable signs, rebirth, water, ocean, seaside, mist,

philosophy, wellness, perspective, perception, judgement, shame, demystifying wellness, self-mythology, voice of the voiceless, theory, reflections, water clarity, insight, mist, road, forest, pattern

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