V&E Zarathustra Series: Part II Passion, the Active, and Fire

The second in the V&E series on Zarathustra’s Discourses. I am discovering what it means to transition from the passive being (emergence) to the active becoming (vehemence).

Zarathustra’s Vehemence & Emergence

Continuing from where we left off  V&E Zarathustra Series: Part I in Prologue I of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Zarathustra’s Discourses:

Zarathustra is speaking to the sun, or the “great Star”, the divine fire, the source…

“To that end, I must descend into the depths: as you do at evening , when you go behind the sea and bring light to the underworld too, superabundant star!”


 Bless the cup that wants to overflow, that the waters may flow golden from him and bear the reflection oof your joy over all the world! Behold! This cup wants to be empty again, and Zarathustra wants to be man again.

What can you illuminate in the shadow of yourself that will bring light to others?   

This passage marks Zarathustra’s transition from the passive to the active, from emergence to vehemence.

Returning from passive reflection he has a store of light to bring to others. He first has to illuminate himself before he can share and illuminate the minds of others.

What unique light do you bring to the world?

This is Vehemence

Vehemence is motion and direction,  the drive towards becoming. Vehemence is active, it seeks to change and to create. When we take our awareness of being and, with passion, start out on our journey in pursuit of our truest selves; this is vehemence.

What is your passion?

Friedrich Nietzsche’s Zarathustra’s Discourses are taken from a larger work called Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

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