This is Ophelia Blue

Who is Ophelia Blue?

In case your wondering, that is almost an impossible question to answer.

Our individual being is always and forever changing, growing, and mutating through: time, experience, and perception.

In a nuts-shell, I am a happy mother of 2 with one little one on the way. By profession, I am a Registered Pharmacy Technician governed through the Ontario College of Pharmacists. I am a textile type personality, I feel the journey of each entity and spirit of the world around me.

On a walk, leaving behind me the mundaneness of today’s world, I like to be able to physically touch the trees, smell the air, watch a flower bed bloom to understand their stories. I need to feel the passion of one’s self, the hurt, happiness, and uniqueness of one’s character.

I love to read and learn just about anything.  I am drawn to books on historical fiction or non-fiction, culture, and anything heavy and passionate.

Why have I chosen to blog? Basically, that can be summed up by being a “Prisoner of my own mind”. As in my first post, you will find I am constantly struggling and fighting within my own brain.

I am hoping that by exploring my interests and passions and thoughts and sharing them with you I can become centered and rooted, and connect to the experiences of others.

If you haven’t run away from my page yet, you will find a broad spectrum of ideas, quotes, and editorials that I come across in my everyday life. My interests are Astrology, science, meteorology, culture, gardening, knitting, reading, studying, recently the hilarity of American politics, self- awareness, personal connections, world issues, and of course family relations.

You will come to know those crazy humans in my life as well as they are an important part of my passion, strength, and creativity.

I hope you will enjoy my page as I will yours.

Namaste and Happy Exploring!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

via “Mommy, What’s an Encyclopaedia?” — Ophelia Blue Truth

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