Love Your Cells Podcast Interview

This month I was invited to join Sue Ruhe on her podcast. I loved the experience so much! Sue is wonderful to talk to. she is curious and compassionate and I think it brought out the best in me!

Listen to the interview below or visit the Love Your Cells website

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

63: Jolie Rose – Feeling In & Moving Forward Love Your Cells Podcast

Welcome Jolie Rose, the first guest of 2021, to the show. In this episode we dive into the energy within our bodies, where we can feel stuck, how we can move forward, and having compassion for ourselves in the process.  Jolie is an NYC-based healer, who melds the physical with the spiritual – body, mind, and soul. Jolie's work supports women who want to step into healing work, and/or know that they have more to offer in this world, but feel resistance holding them back. She uses multiple modalities of healing and coaching (intuitive movement, meditation, breathwork, channeling, energy healing, and more) to give them the confidence and clarity they're looking for to take action. Jolie helps women not only navigate, but truly OPEN UP the pathways to their highest potential by removing their blocks – energetically, emotionally, and physically. To connect with Jolie and learn more about her new Soul Expansion program and more, find her on: Instagram: Facebook: Join Jolie's free email soul tribe:   Some of Jolie's interviews: Soul Wealth Podcast: Winners, Wallets, and Worldviews:  
  1. 63: Jolie Rose – Feeling In & Moving Forward
  2. 62: Lockdown Industry Rants With My Buddy Mark
  3. 61: Internal Intelligence
  4. 60: Celebrating 2020
  5. 59: Justyn Smith: Life Beyond Childhood Trauma

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