Love Your Cells Podcast Interview

This month I was invited to join Sue Ruhe on her podcast. I loved the experience so much! Sue is wonderful to talk to. she is curious and compassionate and I think it brought out the best in me!

Listen to the interview below or visit the Love Your Cells website

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Ep 71: A Cesarean Celebration with Kim Basler! Love Your Cells Podcast

April is recognized every year as Cesarean Awareness Month and in honour of that, Kim Basler shares her birth story with us on the podcast. Kim endured a very rare Spinal Headache following her c-section 18 years ago and shares how her recovery felt painfully different because of it. The healing process will always look different for every new mother, but it's important for every woman to take time to heal, in their own way, and in their own time, no matter what it looks like. She also shares an interesting ironing board trick that you must hear! Connect with KimWebsite: https://www.kimbasler.comFacebook: Instagram: Email:
  1. Ep 71: A Cesarean Celebration with Kim Basler!
  2. Ep 70: Karen Lowe – If You Can Dream It, You Can Create It
  3. Ep 69: Cultivating Massive Impact with Craig Siegel
  4. Ep 68: Fascia – Believing Without Seeing with Chris Kidawski
  5. Ep 67: Coach Mandy YYC – Being More Human

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