Love Your Cells Podcast Interview

This month I was invited to join Sue Ruhe on her podcast. I loved the experience so much! Sue is wonderful to talk to. she is curious and compassionate and I think it brought out the best in me!

Listen to the interview below or visit the Love Your Cells website

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Ep 75: Celebrating All The Tears with Annette Smith Love Your Cells Podcast

Annette Smith is back on the show! She was here in the beginning stages of this podcast sharing about the Grand Mal Seizure she experienced and how it impacted the trajectory of her current life (Episode 25), but today we are talking all things Crying, and normalizing our innate cellular reaction to release or emote what our bodies want us to express. Sue and Annette could chat for hours, so without further adieu, here is their rant about the importance of crying.   Connect with Annette:Website: https://www.lipservicebeauty.caFacebook: Instagram: Tiktok: Email:
  1. Ep 75: Celebrating All The Tears with Annette Smith
  2. Ep 74: Ariel Taylor – Surrogacy Is A Re-Gifting Process
  3. Ep 73: What Is Grounding Foundations?
  4. Ep 72: Freedom Beyond Addiction with Kelly Jane Thorne
  5. Ep 71: A Cesarean Celebration with Kim Basler!

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