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Blessings by John O’Donohue

On Summer Solstice 2017 I would like to share with you Selections from Eternal Echoes by John O’Donohue. A Celtic Shaman, O’Donohue writes on the longing of the soul, our spiritual relationship with ourselves and others, and belonging. Blessings are selfless wishes and these are my wishes for you, that you may find self-love, that you may see the light in yourself and others, that you will open yourself to the shadows too, and embrace the danger of freedom, love, and renewal.

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Blessings by John O'Donohue
“May you live in the neighbourhood of wonder.”


Blessings by John O'Donohue
“May you listen to your longing to be free.”
Blessings by John O'Donohue
“May your soul be as free as the ever-new waves of the sea.”
Blessings by John O'Donohue
“May you succumb to the danger of growth.”
Blessings by John O'Donohue
“May there be kindness in your gaze when you look within.”
Blessings from John O'Donohue
“May a window of light always surprise you.”

Blessings are wishes from one soul to another. They are selfless wishes.

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