Into The Shadows And Dark Lore Of Imbolc

Red Witches Journey

Imbolc can be seen as a Sabbath given over to the contemplation of the “Shadow” and recognition of the winter’s growing light as an increase in consciousness. Together the divine and human, heaven and earth, strive to clean the house of the soul and use the dirt as compost for the seeds of spring. This is part of the annual and ongoing integrative process of nature’s wholeness and redemption where nothing is to be wasted.

We are half way between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Imbolc is one of the four major Celtic fire festivals.

Chasing away Evil Spirits

Candles are burned to purify the home and chase away evil spirits.

On Imbolc they lit many candles, and sang to the Dark Lord who had grown young, to return to them. They sang to the Goddess, to ask her to awaken and bring back Spring. Many looked to…

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