V&E Tribe: Lessons from the Church of the Phallic God

Ebben Wilde

I am 14
They tell me if I loved something too much, the almighty God would take it away.

He would give me the ability to love something so fully, so fiercely, so deeply and pure
turn around and smite me with his jealousy.

It’s ok to love, but don’t love too much. Don’t become attached. Don’t assume it will always be there.
For your love might be what kills you in the end.
Isn’t it the complete man’s guide to God Bullshit?

Man assumes a male God would be nothing more than rage and jealousy. Their male god is the original gaslighter.

Only someone born into the phallic prophesy and promise could come up with such a dramatization.

The Good Lord loves you enough to give you the apple you can’t eat,
The emotions you don’t know how to express and the creations you’re scared to love

If you…

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