What It Was Like

Ebben Wilde

Ode to my lost child

What was it like?

It was like my soul cramping and ripping itself from my body.

It was a fire in my loins that I didn’t want to put out. I couldn’t put out the flames.

I’d rather take the burning from the inside then lose all feeling.

It was like,

Being scared that somewhere,

in the mess of blood and bodily fluids my happiness, my creation, my child was there.

It was like,

Stifled screams from my sacral chakra.

It was guilt.


Unending voices, whispering evils.

‘You did this’.

It was a pain, a trauma so deep and close to my being, a piece of me left that day.

Amidst the beeping of machines and the nurse’s cold comforts.

A part of my soul took leave to guide my creation to another side, another chance.

The words from my mouth can not describe…

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