What is ASMR?

ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the body’s response, often in the form of tingles on the scalp,  to sensory-induced relaxation and close personal attention.

ASMR uses 40 or more sensory triggers to induce relaxation

Decoding the Acronym: What does ASMR mean, literally?

Autonomous: something or someone that is autonomous is defined by its having its own laws. To act independently or to be free enough to do so.

Sensory: In  Latin ‘sens’ is ‘to perceive’. Sensory is the psychological understanding of the nerve impulses in our bodies. In essence, Sensory is a perception of ourselves that is transmitted through the physical body.

Meridian:  literally means ‘middle day’. However, in Chinese Medicine meridians are energetic pathways for vital energy. There is also a definition of meridian that means a time of great vitality, magnificence, luster, energy, etc.

Response: from French or Latin originally means “something offered in return” today the physiological understanding of response is a change or event induced arousing of the nerve impulses or a specific reaction to stimulation.

Several months before I wrote My Yoga Contract I had begun watching or listening to ASMR videos on YouTube every night before I went to sleep. Initially, I found them as an alternative to guided sleep meditations.

Olivia Kissper ASMR quickly became my favourite. There is something genuinely healing about Olivia  that attracted me to her videos. In addition to using triggers Olivia uses her time with you to teach you about yourself. What’s more is that the positive and relaxing triggers from the videos have , over- time, replaced the negative triggers I experience from complex PTSD. In this way, she has been an integral part of healing for me.

My daughter, age six, wants to be Olivia when she grows up! She has called herself a healer since she could speak, and I can attest to her ability to make the people around her feel better. After sharing ASMR with her she became very passionate about it. She plans meditations and collects things that make beautiful relaxing noises.

The tingling feeling I get reminds me of all of the other times I have felt relaxation or comfort.  I am very familiar with the negative wave of emotions and sensations that overcome you when you have been negatively triggered;  ASMR seems to tap into a kind of positive memory web I didn’t know existed.

To watch more go to Olivia Kissper ASMR Channel on YouTube

Other ‘ASMRtist’ I would recommend are:

WhispersRed Her voice is like an anesthetic for me. I don’t know what her videos are like because I fall asleep almost instantly!

AccidentallyGraceful I love when people read to me and she doesn’t put me to sleep so I actually get to hear the story!  Great for relaxation and rainy days and to share with your children.

FairyChar To be honest, I watch her videos when I want to relax and learn about make-up and spa treatment techniques. She seems to know what she’s doing, I like getting my makeup done and having my hair done and I get some tingles.

ASMRrequests My favourite video of hers, again I didn’t fall asleep but I was able to relax and learn about smudging.


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