Tarot & Oracle Readings

In-Person Readings

If you are in the London, Ontario area and want to book an appointment for a session in-person send me an e-mail at vehemenceandemergence@gmail.com

Payment can be made in-person with cash or through PayPal.

Rates for in person and Skype are $80/hour

Online Readings

Choose from an online Skype session or opt for the comprehensive and detailed e-mail reading. In-person rate applies for Skype.

Wildwood Tarot Readings

Celtic wisdom cards incorporate the ancient symbols of the Wildwood and provide excellent comprehensive readings, each card is affiliated with a time on the Wheel of the Year, an element, as well as being part of the tarot tradition. All this means is that these cards have a lot to say!

Faeries’ Oracle

The Faeries guidance is for the big Questions. You can ask about love, career, friends, etc. but the faeries work the big picture so the answers might speak to the overall issue or the root of a problem rather than addressing the details.
If you are looking for more specific answers try the Wildwood Tarot Reading instead!




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