I am almost back…

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I want to work on my blog! I want to get back to writing and researching and sharing all of the wonderful things I have been thinking about and learning in the last 6 months but I am still in survival mode and have very little time to give to anything more than the money jobs, parenting, homework, and school.

In the meantime, I will share that I am focusing on building up a local yoga following and will now be teaching 8 classes a week! Teaching is a fantastic gift and I am grateful for the opportunities I have to teach.

It helps me to heal others. 

I don’t know who reads this but if you do, HELLO! Thank you for visiting. I am almost back, I’ll be here soon! In the meantime please follow me on Instagram or Facebook!





2hr Personal Yoga Session

Personalized yoga session that is designed just for you! This is a great way to get started with yoga or to reconnect with your practice. I will show you how to build your practice from the ground up! To build confidence we need to feel supported and comfortable, a personal yoga session gives you the one-on-one attention that can help you to feel more confident in your practice. You will leave feeling better, more relaxed, and with the tools to continue building your practice! What's Included: Guided Meditation Personalized Yoga Flow Practice Plan- I will recommend a practice and pose regime that best suits your needs.


E-mail ONLY Ultimate Tarot Reading

The Ultimate tarot reading includes a customized spread specific to your interests. You can choose from the following types: Overall Reading, or Messages from the Universe, Life Path, Surname Study,  Love/Relationships, Money/Career. Each reading comes with a full write-up and images.



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