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V&E Guidance


Tarot and Oracle Readings

Now offering Tarot and Oracle readings online through e-mail and Skype and in-person! Select from the options below and receive your personal reading straight to your inbox!

In-Person Readings

If you are in the London, Ontario area and want to book an appointment for a session in-person send me an e-mail at

In-Person Tarot or Oracle Reading

This session includes any full reading of your choice.



Faeries’ Oracle

The Faeries guidance is for the big Questions. You can ask about love, career, friends, etc. but the faeries work the big picture so the answers might speak to the overall issue or the root of a problem rather than addressing the details.
If you are looking for more specific answers try the Wildwood Tarot Reading instead!

Faeries Oracle 3-Card Reading

You will receive a detailed write-up on the 3 cards and any additional messages the Faeries have for you at the time.


Comprehensive Faeries Oracle Reading

The cost includes: Customizable card reading means we will position the cards to get a reading that caters to your specific questions or concerns. A detailed write-up of the cards, their position, and meaning. Images of the cards and the overall spread. Guidance from the faeries which may come in the form of a poem, song, book, or message for you to find an object or to go somewhere. Each reading is Faerie guided and will have a unique imprint for you only.


Wildwood Tarot Readings

Celtic wisdom cards incorporate the ancient symbols of the Wildwood and provide excellent comprehensive readings, each card is affiliated with a time on the Wheel of the Year, an element, as well as being part of the tarot tradition. All this means is that these cards have a lot to say!

3-Card Wildwood Tarot Reading

This basic 3-card reading can be used to answer a specific question or situation you may be experiencing. The reading includes a detailed write-up of the cards with images.


Ultimate Tarot Reading

The Ultimate tarot reading includes a customized spread specific to your interests. You can choose from the following types: Overall Reading, or Messages from the Universe, Life Path, Surname Study,  Love/Relationships, Money/Career. Each reading comes with a full write-up and images.



All services are offered in- person and can be arranged via email.

Energy Work

I offer both in-person and distance Reiki sessions over Skype. A session can/may include:

  • Energy Assessment and Consultation
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Chakra Balancing

In- Person or Skype Reiki & Card Reading

A full energy work session followed by a tarot or oracle reading. Will take approximately 1.5 hours.


Personal Yoga Sessions

  • Consultation
  • Foundations
  • Customised Yoga Flow
  • Personal Yoga Plan

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Rhythmic Rehabilitation

Rhythmic Rehabilitation is not just your average yoga session, tarot reading or energy healing, it is the full treatment. I combine all of my areas of expertise to help you with your mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

There is no “typical session” per se, the process is intuitive and would include:

  • Assessment
  • Energy Work
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Poetic Prescription
  • Personal yoga training/advice
  • Personal and assistance based on your findings

This is ideal for anyone undergoing a life-changing experience, spiritual crisis, break-up, divorce, etc. Major life events don’t come with a manual but rhythmic rehabilitation uses techniques to bring you in touch with your inner guidance and wisdom.

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