Offering personalized guidance for the Body, Mind, and Spirit with private Shadow-work Sessions:
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What is Shadow-work or ‘Rhythmic Rehabilitation’

Rhythmic Rehabilitation is not just your average yoga session, tarot reading or energy healing, it is the full treatment. I combine all of my areas of expertise to help you with your mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

There is no “typical session” per se, the process is intuitive¬†and would include:

  • Assessment
  • Energy Work
  • Oracle Guidance
  • Poetic Prescription
  • Personal yoga training/advice
  • Personal and assistance based on your findings

This is ideal for anyone undergoing a life-changing experience, spiritual crisis, break-up, divorce, etc. Major life events don’t come with a manual but rhythmic rehabilitation uses techniques to bring you in touch with your inner guidance and wisdom.

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