Cross-Cultural Wisdom and Mythology


Seidways: Shaking, Swaying, and Serpent Mysteries

Author: Jan Fries


Description: Fries examines the ancient, traditional, and contemporary uses of trance and the implication of its popularity


The White Goddess: A Historical Grammar of Poetic Myth

Author: Robert Graves

book, white goddess, Robert Graves, poetry

Description: Who is the White Goddess? How she unites the poetic tradition from early archaic times to today. Graves explores the significance of the White Goddess and how she inspires ‘true poetry’.

Dancing the Dream: The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation

Author: Jamie Sams

book, dancing the dream, transformation, jamie sams, sacred
Dancing the Dream The Seven Sacred Paths of Human Transformation Author: Jamie Sams

The Power of Myth

Authors: Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell


The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and Other Little People

Author: Thomas Keightley

Myths, Dreams, and Religion

Author: Joseph Campbell