V&E Seminars

Journey with the Ogham: Companions

November 2020 to October 2021

Welcome to Journey with the Ogham, a unique series of seminar looking at the Celtic Tree Alphabet, exploring the rituals and themes of each tree and how we can deepen our relationship with them to enhance our spiritual experience.

Trees are powerful allies and so each tree offers us the opportunity to delve deeper into the aspects of self that they represent.

Each Seminar consists of a lecture on the tree pairing of the month including ritual uses, themes, and divination qualities. Special attention is paid to the themes and the supporting energy of the trees. ie. Who can you go to when you are feeling hopeless? Which tree is best to sit under when I want clarity?

The second part is an introspective exercise in discovering these themes in yourself. You will be guided through middle world like visualizations and asked to record your experiences in your journal in real time. The journalling keeps you with one foot in this world while you explore other realms. Our journaling work is perhaps the most powerful and most sought after aspect of these seminars.

We conclude each seminar with a journey to meet the spirits, deities or guides of the trees so you can take with you a new friend to help you with future work.

Join us for all twelve seminars on ZOOM. Each Seminar will be recorded for participants only and sent out after the event.

Save and book All 12 Seminars for $300 or $30 Pay-per-Seminar. To sign up please e-mail with the seminar of your choosing and E-transfer or PayPal payment to vehemenceandemergence@gmail.com

**Please note that all events are non-refundable. No cancellations.

Seminars overview

November: Birch & Heather

Sunday November 15th 1-4pm Beginnings & Endings, Purification & Prophecy

January: Alder & Willow

Sunday January 10th 1-4pm Protection & Flow

December: Rowan & Yew

Sunday December 6th 1-4 pm Karma, Misfortune & Memory, Inspiration & Vision

February: Ash & Oak

Sunday February 7th 1- 4pm Movement, Support & Strength

March: Aspen & Beech

Sunday March 7th 1-4pm Spiritual Nourishment & Vision

May: Hazel & Honeysuckle

Sunday May 2nd 1-4pm Wisdom of Change, Flexibility & Measurement

April: Hawthorn & Elder

Sunday April 11th 1-4pm Despair & Passion, Ecstasy & Pain

June: Vine & Gorse

Sunday June 6th 1- 4pm Movement, Support & Strength

July: Holly & Ivy

Sunday July 11th 1-4pm Mastry & Growth

September: Maple & Cedar

Sunday September 12th 1-4pm Sweetness & Medicine

August: Apple & Blackthorn

Sunday August 8th 1-4pm Transmutation & Extremes

October: Pine & Poplar

Sunday October 3rd 1-4pm Inception & Introversion