Sunday Morning Online Mellow Yoga & Meditation 7-Week Class Series

The Details

7 Weeks, 7 Classes

What Gentle Online Yoga Flow, Deep Stretch Postures, Guided Relaxation, Breath, Meditation, & Energy Work

Where Online Zoom Classroom

When Sunday Mornings October 24th to December 5th, 2021

Time 9am to 10:15am Eastern Standard Time

Cost $90 CAD

Extras recordings & access to a private webpage (see more below)

Ready? Book Here

Yoga Flow

Gentle yoga means that there will not fast movements or strength based postures. We will primarily focus on stretch, breath, and relaxation. In my BodyMagick classes I called this Lunar Movement but it is also referred to as Yin Yoga, a passive practice aligned with the Feminine.

Each class will have areas of focus, ie. Legs, Neck, Back, Hips, Belly etc… but the series is designed to guide you through the whole body.

You do not need to be flexible to take this class! Flexibility comes with practice and our bodies are not made the same. Remember that yoga is not a competition! Everyone has their own strengths & weaknesses.

The challenge in gentle yoga is to let go of the need to push, strive, & force. Often the most difficult part is surrendering our mind, allowing the body to be. The thoughts & feelings that rise up may be surprising or challenging which is why I will be supporting you with guided relaxation, meditation & energy work.

Sunday Morning Online Yoga & Meditation

Guided Relaxation

Guided Relaxation uses verbal cues to help you find the areas of the body where you may be tight or tense and gently encourages you to soften those spaces. Often this is accompanied by breath cues or directions for your awareness to lead (trick?) the mind into relaxation.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation can cover a wide variety of visualization exercises, narrating a unique experience based on the themes of our practice

Sunday Morning Online Yoga & Meditation
Sunday Morning Online Yoga & Meditation 9am EST

Guided Energy Work

Guided Energy work is a method of visualization that allows you to transmute, transform, shift & move through the energetic body.

Attention, awareness & breath are key tools and you are welcome to follow these cues or simply settle into your relaxed state. 

If you are ready to book visit Sunday Yoga Registration Form

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To get a feel for my style or take a free class online visit the BodyMagick YouTube channel

BodyMagick Sun in Scorpio Yoga Movement & Meditation Online Class

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