Love Your Cells Podcast Interview

This month I was invited to join Sue Ruhe on her podcast. I loved the experience so much! Sue is wonderful to talk to. she is curious and compassionate and I think it brought out the best in me!

Listen to the interview below or visit the Love Your Cells website

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Ep 72: Freedom Beyond Addiction with Kelly Jane Thorne Love Your Cells Podcast

With Addiction on the rise, this conversation couldn't come at a more perfect time. Whether you are someone struggling with addiction yourself, or living alongside an addicted loved one, there IS hope in moving beyond it. Asking and receiving support is never a sign of weakness. In fact, it is a sign of Strength.  Kelly shares her story of hitting her breaking point, and the steps she took to begin her journey towards freedom. Now, as she has turned her pain into purpose, she is on a mission to help others find freedom like she has. Bio Kelly is a speaker, coach, educator and published author.   She is also a single mom to twins and an advocate for families living alongside addiction. Through carefully designed workshops and programs, Kelly teaches families how to remove guilt and create boundaries with their addicted loved one, while simultaneously empowering themselves on their own journey of self-discovery. In addition to being a spouse living alongside addiction, Kelly has her own personal story of addiction and recovery. When Kelly started to take accountability and ownership for her story, she truly began to change her life and find the freedom she was searching for. Kelly’s signature program Steps To Freedom is specifically designed for women living alongside addiction. She teaches women how to find freedom from their addicted loved one without losing more of themselves in the process. Kelly knows first hand how debilitating addiction can be, and is on a mission to help as money women as possible create freedom in their lives, regardless of their loved ones choices. To connect with Kelly: Steps to Freedom Signature Program: Private Facebook group for women living alongside addiction:
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