Love Your Cells Podcast Interview

This month I was invited to join Sue Ruhe on her podcast. I loved the experience so much! Sue is wonderful to talk to. she is curious and compassionate and I think it brought out the best in me!

Listen to the interview below or visit the Love Your Cells website

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

55: The New Standard Of Care Love Your Cells Podcast

Becoming investigators for our own bodies. This is the New Standard of Care.  Excuse the rant, but Sue is very passionate about finding methods that suit human body needs, as they seem to fit. We are all seeking different ways and it's no longer up to the conventional "medical professionals". You do you, and feel free to Google search your heart out! Download my first ever recorded Guided Meditation and Join the Party!   Shout out to Sarah Kleiner and her Step Into Soul Virtual Program: Connect with her on FB:      
  1. 55: The New Standard Of Care
  2. 54: Meredith de Jonge – Kickin' It Old School (Massage Therapy Edition)
  3. 53: Elizabeth Armstrong – Body Magick
  4. 52: Travis Knuth – The Ripple Effect Of Healing
  5. 51: Marsha Vanwynsberghe – Connection, Growth & Collaboration

For more on BodyMagick visit

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