The Seer: Card of the Day for Saturday September 9th

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Wildwood Tarot

#2 The Seer

On the Wheel of the Year the Seer governs the time of vessels, between Lammas and Samhain.  The midway point is at the Autumn Equinox on Septemeber 21st.

Her element is water. She speaks of reflections and emotion and the inner world.

This time is ideal for inner work as you may be experiencing a kind of emotional limbo from the release of anger, frustration, and grief. Focus your new inner power and let it flow through you.

Manifestation of spiritual insights into the practical and physical aspects of your life will be fruitful at this time. It is a time to give your hidden or suppressed longings an outlet.

Ultimate Tarot Reading

The Ultimate tarot reading includes a customized spread specific to your interests. You can choose from the following types: Overall Reading, or Messages from the Universe, Life Path, Surname Study,  Love/Relationships, Money/Career. Each reading comes with a full write-up and images.


3-Card Wildwood Tarot Reading

This basic 3-card reading can be used to answer a specific question or situation you may be experiencing. The reading includes a detailed write-up of the cards with images.


The Wild Wood Tarot book is written by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with illustrations by Will Worthington.

“Wherein wisdom resides”

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