V&E Animal Omens: What it Means When You Find A Dead Bird


I have been wondering about this for awhile and then yesterday there was a fairly large bird next to my back door. She must’ve flown into the window and died, so sad! (not an actual picture of that bird)

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what kind of bird she was but couldn’t seem to identify her. I decided to look into what her death meant instead of what she would signify if she was alive. In doing so I found that while there is an overall significance to birds in general the type can help decipher the message specific to me.

Type of Bird

I eventually discovered that the bird I found was a cat bird.


The Catbird’s lessons are about communicating with tact, of opening up and allowing self-expression and sensitivity.

When you are carefree and open, you are better able to communicate the  thoughts, ideals and values that are essential parts of your being.


The cat bird wants you to speak your truth openly.  

As with all bird omens, it is important to look for hidden truth, and pay attention to your dreams.


As with any omen, for the specific meaning in your life, pay attention to the context of your encounter for clues.

For Example: I am moving out of my apartment at the end of the month and the decision to leave was a risky one. The bird I found had flown into my building, so for me, she was a sign that I made the right choice and though it is scary and I am feeling loss, there is something better at the other end of my decision. 


To Find a Dead Bird…

Traditionally, the death of a bird is a sign of new beginnings, an omen of renewal. But there are several different meanings depending on the context of your encounter:

If a bird flies into your window it might mean that you are about to encounter an obstacle in your life. But again, because it is a sign of renewal, that obstacle, once removed will reveal something newer and better in your life.

renewal, renewed, renew, words, vocabulary, etymology, definition, dictionary of renewal, language, communication, pink flower, flowers, spring  Beginnings come from endings and in that light, there is the suggestion of loss and sacrifice before starting anew.

You are about to be renewed in some way and some cycle of your life or pattern is coming to a close. 

This could mean that a relationship will end in order for another to start. Or that you will lose something else that was not right for you in order to make room for what is.

If you encounter a dead bird on your path,  there may be some misfortune or loss that follows, but the bird’s message is that better things are coming; the misfortune is a necessary evil and will bring about something new.

If you have been seeking or searching something, the dead bird is simply telling you that the search is over. 

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53 thoughts on “V&E Animal Omens: What it Means When You Find A Dead Bird

  1. Did you see my freaking fb status about the dead dove infront of my yard yesterday??? I was also thinking omens and the message was pretty amazing, but I didn’t know what it meant to find the bird dead!! I can’t believe you posted this today! We are so freaking connected it’s scary!

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    1. Wow! that is some crazy synchronicity!
      The dove is a symbol of peace and harmony so when you find it dead it is a sign of disruption or disharmony. I think the negative aspect is sort of like the birthing vessel for whatever is coming, but at least good things are heading your way!

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  2. A week or 2 ago, the guys from the fencing company were at my house setting posts on the property. I’d walked down the driveway a few times: once, when they first arrived; second, when I had a question & third, after going inside to answer my house phone. I went out again; spoke briefly with the owner upon his arrival. This was when I noticed a little, brown bird laying on his side in the middle of my gravel/rock driveway. There was no blood; no missing feathers, nor any feathers in disarray. He was just laying there. I thought he looked kind of peaceful. Even so, I found it rather strange…and an odd place as his final resting spot.
    Then, yesterday afternoon, I was sitting out on my front deck when a black/charcoal gray colored moth dropped from (seemingly) out of nowhere- -onto my arm/sleeve of my sweatshirt. I waited & watched, to see what he’d do. He crawled around for a few seconds, then just sat there. A few minutes later when I was ready to go inside, I got a dead leaf from my plant & attempted to scoop him onto it. He wasn’t having it, so it took me a few times before I got the leaf ever-so-carefully pushed underneath him. As I did, he turned on his side. I thought maybe he was playing dead. I gently laid him at the base of my plant. He wasn’t playing dead. He’d died.
    Now I’m trying to figure out what this means; what the universe is trying to tell me. Both (happenings) are peculiar & uncommon, so there has to be some meaning behind it. Anybody willing/wanting to weigh in on this & share their perspective? Please! Any insight would be greatly appreciated! ☺ Thanks!


    1. That’s incredible, thank you for sharing! I’m interested to see what others have to say. My only thought was that incredible change is coming your way! I found it interesting that in both cases the initial perspective was that they were sleeping, signifying an almost imperceptible death, or a change that is happening.that you will not see or understand right away.


      1. Thanks so much for your feedback! You bring up an interesting point; one that went completely unseen by me & that is: thinking both were asleep. I didn’t realize this, so I’m very glad I posted… & even more, that you responded.😃 I love your analogy. It’s insightful & makes perfect sense to me!
        Thought I’d share this, too (hope ya don’t mind)…
        Last night after posting, I got to thinking more about both scenarios. I came to the realization there was a 2wk time lapse between the two events. This makes me think the moth encounter was to insure I got the message. After all, there was absolutely no way I could miss a moth suddenly dropping on my arm! I feel like it was saying, “Hey! I’m talking to you. Are you listening?” Ha!
        Additionally, I’m thinking maybe the moth was presented because I haven’t responded or reacted in the way I should- -after receipt of the first message, via the bird. I don’t know. Just a thought. Either way, I do believe it was intentional that I get a clear & direct message.
        Last, I’ve had a pretty tough time the past few years. This includes: moving 4hrs from previous 20+yr residency (unexpected I’d mourn this); inability to get medical care/meds for ongoing conditions (hypothyroidism, sleep disorder, depression)…to name a few. With that, I welcome positive change with arms wide open! 🙆‍♀️🙋‍♀️
        Thanks again for your feedback. You’ve given me perspective as well as a resurgence of hope & inspiration. For this, I hope it comes back to you Sooner than later. Bless your heart.🤗


      2. Thank you so much, it’s amazing what we discover when we reflect, it sounds like the meaning has revealed itself to you! The moral of the story for all of us has to be: Keep listening🙏🌿


  3. As I was leaving my house this morning 4/24/2018 @ 11:11am found a bird that was deceased as I was leaving for work. I went to fetch a piece of plastic and a pan to pick up the bird. I dung a hole in the soil next to some bulbs that was sprouting out the soil and covered the bird with soil . I thanked the bird for service it’s purpose and I said I was giving the bird back to mother Gaia and the Source. Just to think every morning their outside the window chirping but this day I was on ground level and sounds of the others chirping was extra loud like as if they were talking to me. I felt so good that I gave this bird proper resting place back home to Mother Gaia. I’m so happy to share my experience and testimony with so many others today . Ty for listening 🌎💫❤️

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  4. we found a dead owl in ours bathroom this morning .is it a bad omen or good omen ?
    what is considered if an owl is seen dead ?


    1. That’s so intense! You have been sent a powerful message. The omen is neither good nor bad, if there is an ending or change it is a necessary one! Owls represent wisdom and they are the keepers of the knowledge of all worlds. Ultimately the meaning is determined by your relationship to the owl and what it represents.


  5. Today I watched a red cardinal in my front yard bathing happily in my birthday. I read cardinals are from spirits of the dead visiting. Later on walking the dog in my front yard found a dead heron or egret. Looked alive but had passed. Buried him close by blessing him to bird heaven. Since seeing someone die yesterday I hope that it’s a sign that he’s in a good place. Any suggestions?


  6. I found a dead bird faced up in my back yard. An hour later, I found a black, blue and white feather in the front yard. The feather was from a Blue Jay. The dead bird wasn’t a Blue Jay? Hopefully, it means a legal issue is coming to an end in my favor.


  7. I found a dead crow stuffed into the downspout of my home. I am already in the midst of major life transitions as I’ve ended a relationship, my mother has died, and I’m seeking a healing and spiritual path. Does anyone have information on the significance of the crow? It appears as though another animal has put it inthe downspout perhaps to eat it later or something. Thank you for your time!


    1. I’m sorry I did not reply right away! Frankly I was so stumped I didn’t know what to say… The crow represents death and like all birds is a messenger for the otherworld. The bird being stuck and hidden might be symbolic of the grief or mourning process. I think this message is a very strong one and I would encourage you to go back and remember how you felt when you discovered it. The clues are there.


  8. Hi! I was walking my dog and saw a cardinal hot by a car, I tried to save him but ended up laying him to rest with a seashell and did a little Reiki on him (not sure why he was definitely dead). I am confused what this signifies… I am going through many changes and having to alter my ways of being so that more growth can happen for me. I want to relate this to a current love situation that I am not sure if I should be patient with or let go of. Any outside insight would be appreciated.


  9. I’m currently in escrow. This morning I found a dead dove close the the listing post. It looked so peaceful ad is if it where sleeping. What do you think this means?


  10. Hello. This site has popped up for me before, thank you. I haven’t written before. Early this summer I found a dead owl under my tree where they lived. The body was intact, but the head was gone. I was beyond moved by this and talked to someone. I was beginning a new project and we talked about how it may have been related to that and it was all a very spiritual experience for me. I gave thanks to the owl for the giving of life and then another owl joined me at the tree I was doing the ceremony at. Today I started a new project and left my barn (where my office is) and saw a bird standing next to another bird that was dead. My initial reaction (they were the same type of bird) was that the bird was trying to save the bird. The bird just looked at me and then finally flew away. He wasn’t by any window so I wondered if he had dragged him, when I got closer the bird was missing his head. I have the same feeling of it being an omen as I had when I found the owl. I would love any insight on this. Thank you!


    1. No sign is every truly ‘bad’ if you believe that everything happens as it should. To answer your question, you will have to answer that question! What were the circumstances surrounding that discovery? Have you been thinking about making a big change? Perhaps you are making a change in your relationship or are thinking of moving? A dead bird signifies the death of one way of being and the beginning of another, what is your new beginning!?


      1. I found a what looked like a dead bird on my back patio..I gently scooped it up with a shovel and it flipped over clearly still alive. I was able to get him onto the shovel and walked him into the field.. as I walked with him he stretched out his wings af if he was flying… then be slowly went limp as if he died right then..I laid him down gently near some wild flowers… checked back the next day and he’s still there clearly dead now…I searched Google and believe he’s a yellow billed cuckoo…


  11. Thank you for responding to my message so fast. I talked with my neighbor this evening and she told me that my granny used to love to sit by her pool and watch the blue birds feed. She was the first person that I lost that was close to me so its been hard realizing that she will never be here again.


  12. Last week I found a what I think was a small black bird, it was injured, I took it home but it died a few hours later.
    Yesterday I found an injured pigeon near the gate to where I live, I kept it overnight and next day took it to a bird sanctuary 25 miles away.
    Tonight I found another dead little black bird on way to the park. Why am I coming across all the birds! Thanks Paul


    1. sorry to have taken so long to reply, I have not accessed my site for some time. What thoughts or changes occur surrounding these times? The answer is usually something that only we know. Birds are messengers of the Otherworld, or if you prefer the subconscious mind. They surround us constantly but we are not always aware of them and the work they are doing We hear their song unconsciously, it becomes ambient. But when we start to look and listen we start to recognize how much is going on all around us.An injured bird might be a sign for us to tune-in!


  13. Thank you for this post. This am I heard flapping of wings and left my office to investigate. A piqeon flew inside. The opening of the sliding door was too small for it to exit and it landed on the ground. My little yorkies also notice the bird. At the same that I started to intervene my male yorkie decided it was playtime. I felt helpless. It did not eat it, but the poor bird shed most of its feathers. It was alive when the dog put it down, but I had did not have the heart to ring the neck and took it outside. The sadness was immense within me. I think the bird died of heart failure. What did it mean I wondered. I was surprised to find you post. “Wonderful Google”. How many times when I transition between things do I find dead birds. Even years back if I broke up with a boy my bird pet would be dead in the cage. I felt the message of it allowing me to release the old for the new. The sadness is harder to release. But reading this and realising that my emotions are making way for someone new is a relief. What a wonderful frequency our animals hold for us.


  14. So I went to shut the pool filter off this evening and I found a black bird laying face down in my pool. I fished it out and laid it on a cushion and kept on apologizing to him for not being there to help him. I thought if I rubbed it, it might start breathing, but to no avail. I wondered if my black cat might have had something to do with it as he is quite the pouncer, but I doubt it. I looked it up and it said, this means something new is coming, a renewal. It so happened the movie, The Color Purple was on. It was at the end when choir is singing, “God Is Trying To Tell You Something, Right Now, Right Now. I get the message. The bird is in my house right now in a box. I will bury it in the backyard tomorrow morning. I’m so sad, but I have to believe that life goes on, and we are all messengers for each other.


    1. It sounds like the message came through very clearly for you! Each death gives life and we must release to make space for growth. I know you’re sad but how lucky is that bird to have died in the pool of someone who honoured it!


  15. I found a dead bird under my bed today. It died underneath exactly where I lay my head. I was immediately distraught. You see, my kindred best friend and lover also died in my bed 5 months ago so this extra omen has a particularly deep symbolic meaning but I can’t decipher what it is. Does this bird symbolize me being trapped in this home full of responsibilities and overwhelm which does feel like a slow death? What is your best guess?


    1. I’m sorry for your loss that sounds like a difficult situation. It sounds like your relationship with home has become complicated. The message seems to be an important one. I would keep my heart open to any other messages that are trying to come through.


  16. I took a baby starling home to care for, he really loved me, he would sit on my hand, fly to me and sit on my shoulder or head. Then he got sick and died on my bed. I buried him next to the chestnut tree. I’m still heartbroken over him, I really loved him.


  17. We’ve had a bird problem over the past two years to the point where I’ve made a graveyard to accommodate! They usually fly into our big living room windows which is understandable, but oddly, just a half-hour ago I had one hit my front door. Heard a noise a while ago but thought nothing of it, went to check for a package, and was saddened to find a dead bird on my porch. Buried it with a flower, beside the other birds who’ve unfortunately hit our windows, but you know I just had to come in and google what it might mean!


  18. Approximately 6 years ago I came across a dead bird on the pathway in my back yard. A few hours later as I left from the front door there was another dead bird in that pathway with a live bird just standing still next to it and did even fly away when I passed near. When I returned a little while later, the bird that had been standing guard next to the dead one was lying dead as well. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer and went through other very horrible life events. Thankfully I beat cancer but am stil going through a terrible time in my life. Today, I found (again) two dead birds next to each other on the porch. I’m very worried that this may symbolize more extreme turmoil.


    1. I hope that this message finds you well. I think it is important not to assume thay one message is exactly like the other but only you can know based on the signs and feelings around the sighting. Ultimately these birds represent a new beginning. If we resist our new beginning or refuse it the message will keep coming through until we listen! For you, the pairing of birds seems significant as if there is another person or energy connected to this message. Can you think of anyone who might be trying to warn you or who might be protecting you? Or have you met someone through your first experience who has been a significant teacher?


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